"Zero Dark Thirty" Grossly Insults Navy SEALs & Endangered National Security

19 JANUARY 2013
World Exclusive Posts By John Kettler Reveal U.S. Military Censored Film To Save American Lives!
In a shattering pair of copyrighted posts on JKI (John Kettler Investigates), former military analyst, now bleeding edge writer/researcher, John Kettler savages the outrageous depiction of Tier One (ultra elite) SEAL Team Six in Kathryn Bigelow's blockbuster hit "Zero Dark Thirty." In a World Exclusive, he shows how the incestuous relationship between the CIA/White House/Pentagon on one hand and Director Kathryn Bigelow and Screenwriter Mark Boal on the other, reportedly led to such a dire National Security situation the film had to be censored! At stake? Losing extremely highly and expensively trained SpecOps (Special Operations) personnel in general and Navy SEALs and support units in particular because the operational "playbook" was in the film before it was censored. He does this in the context of exposing and discussing a propaganda & censorship system most haven't a clue exists!

Using incredible insider contacts, his own considerable knowledge of SpecOps (11+ years in military aerospace doing classified intelligence analysis (including AC-130U Spooky gunship) working with active/former spooks ) and tons of research, John Kettler took some terrifying leads on "Zero Dark Thirty" and ran with them. The result was so shocking, so extensive and wide ranging, one huge post had to be split in two.

"SEAL Team Six, Bin Laden Op & Movie Censorship, Part 1" http://johnkettler.com/seal-team-six-bin-laden-movie-censorship-1/ details Mr. Kettler's profound inner conflict between his abhorrence of censorship and the reality that it's sometimes needed. He shows how perception shaping and censorship have been done/are being done generally and specifically in military/spook themed TV and movies. He uses the hit films "The Hunt for Red October" and "Zero Dark Thirty" for the analysis he presents in "SEAL Team Six, Bin Laden Op & Movie Censorship, Part 2" http://johnkettler.com/seal-team-six-movie-censorship-part-2/

There, he meticulously makes his case for direct government involvement in both films. He then mercilessly dissects the awful portrayal of Operation Neptune Spear (the mission to kill or capture Bin Laden) in "Zero Dark Thirty," especially the appalling treatment of the Jedi of SEAL Team Six. In a particularly withering observation, he notes they seem only slightly better than the Keystone Cops! Not only does the film make the Jedi look like boobs (real ones did 200 run throughs before the mission), but it has vanishingly little to with the real mission history, tactical procedures, weaponry employment and such. All that would've been bad enough, but the real offense was that the SpecOps playbook was reportedly compromised. This included lead times, how operational planning is done, by whom and how, what key parameters are, where mockups are erected and much more. A guided, insider tour of how to kill our SpecOps troops and those who support them in combat! John Kettler's World Exclusive reveals how timely censorship of "Zero Dark Thirty" will save American lives, now and into the future.

About John Kettler Investigates:
Using insider information, years of experience and a lifetime of research, John Kettler Investigates http://johnkettler.com is the bane of many spooks and covert operators; the joy of others; required reading for some. With factual, deeply researched, even frightening real stories/E-books seemingly past Science Fiction at times, John Kettler lays bare the stuff of security officer and malefactor nightmares; uncovers the most staggering realities. More SEAL Team Six coverage is available on his site via a simple search.

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