Be Among The Leaders Helping Businesses Grow Over The Internet

19 JANUARY 2013
“Be Among The Leaders” Master Mind Group brings an online tutorial program for its users to promote their respective businesses over the internet and social media successfully through social media marketing, search engine optimization and Word Press Development.

The CEO of Eanda Education, Edgar Danmer is the sole source who started this idea about 8 years back and has helped tons of businesses succeed over the internet through his well- planned strategies.

“Edgar is an ethical, spiritual businessman and helps Holistic Practitioners increase their market presence. Since working with Edgar I have created my Niche Market and am forging ahead with success! I highly recommend him” Sylvia Bryden, a Transformational Life Coach commented on Mr. Danmer’s professional skills.

“Be Among The Leaders” Master Mind Group has ways through which they try to give a boost to businesses. After diagnosing the problems of a particular business, they try figuring out ways through which positive outcomes can be reached.

It has been frequently witnessed by the staff at Eanda Education that companies invest a lot of money in the initial stages of development of their online businesses. Secondly, they have no proper strategies to execute. Both these reasons result in deadly losses for a particular company as the money invested is a large amount and when there is no proper execution, it all goes wasted.

The reasons why businesses fail online are:
• The workers follow whatever the owner of a brand demands them to do. Without focusing on what the company actually should do to achieve success.
• The important aspects like web development, ecommerce, blogging, SEO and internet marketing are not focused upon.
• The CEO of businesses want a return on investment in a short period of time making them expect too much which often results in failure.
• Too many companies do not take the internet as a serious source of medium that can be used to their own advantage.

At Eanda Education both time and effort is focused upon before any implementation of plans are done. Any aspect which the company lacks is worked on to improve those weaknesses. Lastly, realistic goals are set and the online market is thoroughly studied in order to achieve the best results to make a business succeed online.
At “Be Among The Leaders,” the members receive quality mentoring by professionals to achieve success in their businesses. It also helps the companies to get more clients through exceptional marketing strategies especially through the social media that is extremely popular these days. Saying that leaders are created by the Master Mind Group in the business world would be an understatement.

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