New site about penny stocks on the market releases

19 JANUARY 2013
A German based website,, that primarily provides promoted penny stock alerts has been launched recently. The website has a vast amount of information relating to penny stock promotions, live stock quotations, OTCBB, OTC markets, pink sheets, small caps, micro caps, gainers, losers, trades and volume lists and offers its customers a way to stay updated by subscribing to its free daily newsletter. It mainly works for better investor relations, provides market and stock promotion awareness to its customers and screens more than 3500 penny stocks everyday.

The website has acquired a distinctive place in the online world since its release. It has a list of more than 1,000 supported stock promoters. This extensive collection keeps the customers updated about the stock market conditions. Moreover, the stock promoter list at the website provides a comprehensive way to the customers to examine the financial position of an organization and to decide whether they should buy their stock or not. The list also graphically represents the trade and volume stats of an organization.

The company aims to follow more than 1,000 Penny Stock newsletters everyday to provide its customers with the most recent updates. These alerts make it easier and convenient for the people to invest on a certain stock and earn quick profits. The website also provides sufficient and updated information on the gainers of the stock market. The customers can go through it easily and can examine the level of profitability and productivity of different corporations. The website shows the stock market gainers for the last one hour, day, week and month. In addition, the website also lists the firms who have undergone losses. These lists contain top 60 price gainers and losers on the stock market. is renowned widely for its up-to-date information and statistics relating to current stock promotions, enabling the day traders to buy and sell stocks and to lock in quick profits. The website also provides information on all the promotions occurred in a day. The corporations under this tab are listed in the order of how successful they have been in the current period, and provides their brief introductions, related news and details on their gains, losses, volumes and trades.

The company also offers its customers to subscribe for free to its daily newsletter that provides information on latest penny stock promotions. The current figure of subscribed individuals at the website is 21,000. This large number of subscribers in a very small period of operation proves the commitment, dedication and devotion of the website’s personnel towards their work. 

Interested folks may visit their website to view the list of Stock Gainers today and all Promotions today.

Media Contact:
Oliver Schwarz 
Schwarzenbruck, Germany