Medora Medical Centre Introduces Affirm Multiplex (MPX) Procedure

20 JANUARY 2013
Medical practice has for long had a hard time in the management of the age related clinical complications like stretch marks, wrinkles and pigmentation alongside other skin aging complications. This is because the management of such complications is not possible through the use of normal medical procedures.

The introduction of the FDA approved procedure Affirm™MultiPlex (MPX) for the treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks and pigmentation (including melasma) has brought a new look in the management of age related complications. Affirm multiplex is currently the most advanced and effective anti- aging remedy. This procedure is currently being practiced in many medical centers across the world like the Medora medical center under the leadership of Dr. Zubin Medora.

The Medora medical center is locally registered for medical practice under the ministry of health in Singapore. Other than cosmetic surgical procedures specialization the center is also involved in other medical care operations as per its registration. It is specifically run by a group of qualified and registered doctors by the ministry of health and local associations for doctors. The clinic’s medical team is composed of a multi-disciplinary personnel bring in a wholesome experience and qualification to offer the best medical care to the patients.

Therefore for a feel of this great medical procedure Affirm Multiplex visit Medora medical center. The medical center is headed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Zubin Medora. The doctor is the center's medical director and primary care doctors, so patients can be sure of specialized and personalized medical procedures.

This procedure will assure the beneficiaries great results on skin rejuvenation with an appealing and attractive outlook. This is done regardless of the location of the procedure either faces and/or body and can be achieved with a guarantee of return to normal activities just immediately. It is also suitable for the management of post-pregnancy stretch marks that only require a short recovery period of some several days.

About Medora center

Medora Centre is a local clinic in Singapore fully registered in Ministry of Health and having all doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council. They perform various aesthetic procedure such as cosmetic surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, EENT surgery, face lift, hair restoration, breast reduction and other related services.

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Dr Zubin Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery

#03-08 Camden Medical Centre, One Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649
Tel: +65 6836 6035