Arizona Culinary Institute Induced

20 JANUARY 2013
Culinary Hall of Fame, LLC announced today that the Arizona Culinary Institute has been inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame®.

About Arizona Culinary Institute:

After a year of working intensely with Phoenix business leaders in the Phoenix restaurant and education community, a business plan was developed by its founders:

Robert E. Wilson, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America

J. Fife Syminton, III, former governor of Arizona (1991-1997)

Darren Leite, former president of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute

Jerry Moyes, founder and CEO of Swift Transportation

In early 2002, the Arizona Culinary Institute started its first class at its newly created Scottsdale campus with the mission to prepare its aspiring students in small classes that offers hands on training.

The ACI is exclusively a culinary school and prepares students for careers in Culinary Arts & Hospitality covering a broad range of areas. These positions vary from entry level to management and include Chef, Executive Chef, Cook, Baker, Pastry Chef, Saucier, Catering, Restaurant Management and Ownership among others.

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