Green Smoke electronic cigarette affiliate program

21 JANUARY 2013
E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular these days based on both their utility and the benefits that they have of being safe for use and for being health friendly. An electronic cigarette does not include health hazardous chemicals that threat the life of user. They contain no tobacco so they are least known for causing any sort of addiction. The absence of tar ensures that the lungs do not have to face deposition of sticky substance that causes blockages. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are supreme in quality with high taste and safe to use liquids. The smoke like vapors made from the electronic liquids ensures that the electronic cigarettes from green smoke give the best taste.

E-cigarettes are amongst the most sold items over the internet now a day as they are not a very old item over the online selling and buying platform. People are joining affiliate program for selling any item over the internet on the behalf of the business that manufactures and sells them. Making websites and promoting them over the search engines for more people to see the items and then purchasing it increases the sales of the primary seller, the promoters get to take home commission in the form of a certain percentage of the sales.

Green Smoke offers affiliate program for interested people with a high promised output. The tiered program means that the once affiliate members can further make their affiliations. Te commissions are sales based; the more are the sales, more will the commissions be and they are paid each month through check. The minimum pay out equals to $50 for the total number of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes sold for each month. For each sign up, the company pays $10 as a joining bonus to the affiliate program members. Good branded electronic cigarettes are sold like hot cakes and the commissioned sellers on the behalf of the primary seller make a lot of revenue from their sale.

The commission paid by the Green Smoke electronic cigarette company is between 15% and 20%. This is very handsome pay out rate when it comes to commission as there is little effort and investment required for it. Furthermore, when the sub affiliates of an affiliated member make sales for the company, then the commission is given to the primary affiliated member too. The hundreds of active members of the affiliate programs are making a fair amount of money.