Merritts install largest Uteco Diamond Printing Press in Europe

21 JANUARY 2013
Joseph Merritt Group Plc. has just completed the receiving, offloading and handling of the new Uteco Diamond HP815 Printing machine at their Belper site. This is currently the largest size Uteco Diamond Printing Press in Europe.

They were tasked to design the “contract lift” in full for the new £5m packaging print line. This included:

- Lifting plans

- Floor loadings

- Access and full CAD drawings

- Sequencing lifts and working envelopes to meet with a fully detailed installation programme

- Lift by lift method statement/rigging studies and risk assessments for the works to be performed within a CDM construction site

Machinery Schedule /description of works:-

Following planning meetings on site and at the manufacturer’s works, Merritts designed the floor protection system required to maintain all floor loadings to below the permitted 5 tonnes per square m. This included those for the handling of the main print unit in a single unit of 51 tonnes, together with any loads from all of the wheels/rigger loads of vehicles and lifting equipment and the necessary foundation infilling and bridging.

A hydraulic gantry system was used to offload and install the main print unit into final position precisely on to the pre-installed machine sole plates.

Further to the installation of the main unit we also scheduled and offloaded 15 specialist vehicles and 13.5m trailer loads containing the remaining major machine components. This included key parts weighing up to 18 tonnes, together with all of the ancillary items, which were offloaded to marshalling areas prior to final installation.

The onsite handling and final positioning was performed within the confines of the new building and pre-installed overhead services. This was completed during an intensive 6 day working programme. This involved the rigging of components of up to 13.5m x 2.5m x 2.2m and 8 tonnes in weight which were then required to be installed over the 4m tall machine line and yet operate within the 9.5m internal profile of the building. This would have not been possible using mobile cranes. We therefore used our remote controlled lorry mounted cranes; in-house lifting modules and skilled personnel. Everything was completed to plan and without deviation from the method statement and CAD lifting study of the proposal.

They also provided the trained and qualified labour, industrial forklifts and access equipment to facilitate the manufacturer’s engineers works up to the completion of the primary installation, all of which were performed well within the planned schedule and within budget.

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